Yūgen on the mountain

Profound, spiritual moments are rare. Many have never had one. And those that have, they are forever changed.

Quick, easy, and delicious overnight oats

I was recently inspired by my sister to try out overnight oats. I decided to do some experimenting and combine the oats with my newly-beloved chia seeds.

Another first … the firing range

I’m in no way anti-gun, but they’ve never been something I was interested in or fascinated by. I own a gun -- a small Ruger 22, given to me by my father -- but I never even loaded it, let alone fired it.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Chia Parfait

Wasn't chocolate meant to be with peanut butter? And throwing bananas into the mix just makes perfection.

Seven reasons to exercise

Everyone has their own reasons for exercising. Some want to get ripped. Some want to get thin. Some want to increase endurance. Whatever reason you have for getting moving is a good one. Here’s are my reasons ...